Donation Information

With the change in format, we have a specified list of items that we are looking for. If you are unable to donate in person, please consider donating online and finding a class you want to support by clicking the below button. 

How to Donate

This year's holiday drive is a competition between grade levels. As a result, online donation sites are specified per grade. Each grade has a goal of raising $1,000, whether through online or in-person donations. To reach that goal, in-person donation items will be worth a certain dollar amount. All food items are $2, clothing items are $10, and toys are $15. 

Online Donation Instructions

For online donations, click the button above and go to the members tab on the page. There, you will find the various grade levels as well as an alumni donation page. Click on the grade level of your choosing and donate away!

Items to Donate

Below is the list of items that you can donate in person to collection boxes in the main entrance/ rotunda of San Mateo High School:

Non-food items (preferred!)

  • Brand new children’s toys, especially Legos and Disney dolls

  • Brand new children's and teen winter coats

  • Girls’ leggings

  • Boys’ joggers

  • Brand new girls' and boys’ socks and underwear


Non-perishable food items (only the ones listed!) 

  • ​Baking/Cooking: cake mix, brownie mix, shelf life chicken broth, shelf life beef broth

  • Protein: canned tuna, beans

  • Canned: corn, tomatoes, pasta sauce, baby food/formula, canned fruit

  • Dry: ramen noodles, dried beans, pasta, dried fruit, cereal, crackers

Donation Location